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Here's to a fresh new start! BetaCake is back.

Hello! We are very excited to announce that after careful planning, tons of work and pain endured, the BetaCake blog is coming back to life. With a twist.

After a few years of absence, it is finally time to put the boxing gloves back on and keep on fighting.

The new blog, under the BetaCake.TV umbrella, will be a gaming news blog where you'll find lots of information about both released and upcoming games on multiple platforms, including pc / ps4 and mobile android.

There will also be helpful guides and tools for the game we focus on; you'll find those under the "Tools" menu at the top of the website.

We're aiming high this time around. A Twitch channel for streaming, a YouTube channel for gameplays/funny montages and this blog for news posts, beta testers' Q&A and more!

Starting soon, we will be actively streaming Overwatch and Lineage 2 Revolution gameplay, as well as some Rust survival action.

These won't be the only games featured, however, they will be our starting point as we move on to new exciting games as soon as they enter beta or release.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your support all these years and hope that you will enjoy our new and exciting endeavor as much as we do!

Lets play!

About BetaCake

Level 32. Likes well designed and well coded video games.


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