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What is Lineage 2 Revolution? Also, translations for class skills!

You're probably asking youself "What is Lineage 2 Revolution?". Well, it's NCSoft and NetMarble's take on mobile / tablet MMORPGs. And it's pretty kickass.

The game launched in South Korea back in December 16th and reached the top of the Korean Play Store within a day and has stayed there since.

As someone who doesn't live there, thankfully, you don't need a KSSN (Korean social security number) to make an account and play. You can use your Google account for it if you're on android.

Then you'll need the game's apk to install it because it's not available outside of Korea. Again, thankfully, they are not IP blocking outsiders and that's a good thing.

The game is a full MMORPG. It has clans, sieges, dungeons, quests, you can form parties with your friends or clan members, lots of gear and customization and also a nice class skills system.

There are a set amount of skills per class, some default but also some you unlock by progressing through the game's main storyline. But also some rare ones you get to unlock by defeating world bosses with your friends and getting rare spellbooks as drops.

But there is also PvP. And that is where the game shines. Lineage 2 veterans will feel right at home, since L2R has the same PvP/PK system like the other Lineage games do.

Since the game is in Korean language only at the moment, we've started a slow process of translating the various class skills for you.

So far we have completed the translation for one of the Dark Elf classes, the Spellhowler.

All of them will soon be available and you'll find them at the menu located at the top of the blog.

Also, beginning today, we'll start uploading L2 Revolution gameplay videos on our YouTube channel.

If you want to play the game with us, just join the Discord server located on the blog's sidebar and we'll help you install and answer any questions you have about the game.

Stay tuned for the latest L2 Revolution news and more!

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