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Top 5 Conan Exiles Mods and how to install them mini guide

Funcom recently opened the doors to the modding community and has finally allowed Conan Exiles mods to be published on their Steam Workshop page.

Here's our mini guide on how to find and install the best mods for Conan Exiles.

First of all, open up Steam.  *note: Don't have Conan Exiles running*
Once you are logged in, locate the game on the left side of your Library.

Then locate the Browse the Workshop button and click it. (see image below)

This should open up the Conan Exiles Workshop page on Steam. Locate the dropdown menu under the image and click on Browse and then Mods. (again see image below for reference)

Now you should land on the page which has all the mods currently available. Then just click on the ones that seem appealing to you. Let's say the 1000 Incread Item Stack for example.

To download the mod, you must click on the + Subscribe button. This will trigger the download via steam. All mods are automatically downloaded and placed in the steam installation folder once downloaded. 

To activate them you start the game and got to the Mods option from the main menu.

Click the mod you wish to activate, then click the > arrow to activate it.

Press back to return to main menu

Exit the game and restart Conan Exiles (you must do this for the mod to activate)

That's it! 

Enjoy your modded single player or join a server which has those mods active!

Our Top 5 Conan Exiles List:
  • Increased Item Stack - Created by J0M0
  • Infinite Weight - Created by mohnjiles
  • Floating Combat Text - Created by Dat Guy Trevski
  • level 100 - Created by Idisdain
  • MapCoords - Created by Spindle

Direct link to our Conan Exiles mods collection on Steam : 

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