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I played the new Overwatch hero, Orisa! And I liked her!

Classified as a tank, I found her support capabilities to be of extreme value to a solid team. She's a great tool to ensure winning teamfights.

After trying to get to play her for over 2 hours, I finally managed to pick Orisa before anyone else did. And that's no easy feat. Everyone on PTR is trying her out.

I liked her tankiness but I liked her ultimate ability even more. An AOE damage increase buff? Sign me up!

She shines as a zone control hero and I would go as far as saying that she's not a true tank. More like an off-tank. I just don't see her replacing Reinhardt in any competitive setup.

Anyway, here's a little video I put together. This is the very first time I got my hands on her, I still think I did OK. A couple stupid deaths but hey, first time always hurts.

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