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Flappy Freelancer - An Anthem inspired 2D game

While waiting for Bioware to hurry up and release Anthem, I decided to make a little game in Unity! It's a flappy bird type of 2D scroller, heavily inspired by Anthem! Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: Any Anthem assets used in this are property of Bioware's dev team and art designers. I do not own nor claim to own any of these images/sprites and all copyrighted/trademarked material belongs to their respective owners.

Alright with that out of the way, I was bored and wanted to mess around in Unity and hopefully learn a thing or two while following a tutorial I found online.

So I started without even knowing what most of the Unity tools even do (I still don't!)
It was fun and one thing led to another and I've finally compiled a first version of this flappy bird clone.

For now you can only download and run the windows executable but I will soon try to compile it for android/ios and maybe webgl formats too.

I know people are afraid of downloading random software from the internet so I uploaded this and scanned it in virustotal.

Here's the results: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file-analysis/NjFlMzJhMTk1MjcyM2YxZDhmYzgwZTA4MmY5MjhhNjc6MTUwODM5MzAwNA==

To download it click the following link:

Mirror link:

Hope Anthem fans & devs like this! I had a lot of fun making it and will try to improve it as time goes by.

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