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Tarsis Gaunlet - An(other) Anthem inspired game

The most ambitious project I've ever gotten myself involved with. Anthem's E3 trailer has had a profound impact on me and since Bioware isn't sharing any info, I decided to do something about it.

Initially, I made a simple 2D game by following one of the basic Unity guides on youtube. If you haven't seen it, here's the link: flappy-freelancer-anthem-inspired-2d

Never would have thought that so many people would like it, especially the team behind Anthem.

But they did! And that made me very excited and I immediately started thinking about the next project.

I've always liked card games. So, I made a "hearthstone clone", based on the 6 mins long E3 Anthem trailer and the handful of screenshots we have.

Disclaimer: Tarsis Gaunlet is a non-profit fan project based on Bioware's Anthem. Anyone interested is free to download and play/try it. Any Anthem assets/lore used in this are property of Bioware's dev team and art designers. I do not own, nor claim to own any of these images/sprites/lore and all copyrighted/trademarked material belong to their respective owners. 

With that out of the way, If I'm causing any trouble with this, please let me know. I'll gladly take it down and stop any further development of it.

That being said, I learnt a whole lot more about Unity and how it can be used to bring projects like this to reality. I hope the Anthem team and fans like it!

The game is playable but far from being complete. Many assets are just placeholders and there's a lot of audio effects missing. 

As of the current version v0.1 the game offers the following features:

  • Singleplayer vs AI mode
  • LAN PvP mode
  • Online PvP mode (a $50 unity asset and a dedicated server to host the master server on are needed for this to work but it's there. If enough people are interested I could make it happen)
  • Creating custom decks and saving them
  • Card effects like taunt, heal, pre-emptive, deathrattle and more
  • Android client working

A long list of missing features and bug fixes include:

  • a trading/crafting system
  • a main menu/options/settings/audio manager
  • a way for players to obtain new cards (card packs or something equivalent)
  • a proper UI theme that will better reflect the Anthem vibe and universe
  • all audio are placeholder tracks or effects
  • a bugfix is needed when a spell card is played, it sometimes becomes able to be reused many times instead of just once
  • the game's AI needs some adjustments

You can download the Tarsis Gaunlet windows client here: https://goo.gl/V7PRmt

To play, press Play and then click on "Singleplayer". Mustache Praxley awaits.

Also a playable android apk which you can download here: https://goo.gl/FmTJVS

The android version needs more attention, the UI is buggy and might not display correctly.

Also, for the android version you might need to install someting like the ES File Explorer File Manager first. 

On my tablet I kept getting apk parse errors and couldn't install without it.

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